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Love Is The Drug – mixes by others

There is an excellent remix of Roxy Music’s Love is the drug by The Starkiller. It was posted a while back in the beginning of 2011 on both AOR Disco and  The Starkiller  blog.

There is also a good mashup by DJ lobsterdust of this song with David Bowie’s Let’s Dance.

Both definitely worth checking out!


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Golden Years (Cygnet Extended Mix)

Another mix of Golden Years. This time it features only the original version which I extended to 6:26 minutes. I made use of the remix stems recently made available in an iphone app – but not using an iphone… or the app…

Golden Years is well known enough for me not to go into any description about it. Several people covered the track in the past but the two best covers are probably those by Loose Ends and Mascara. I don’t care too much for Marilyn Manson or Nina Hagan’s versions. What were they thinking when they attempted weird alternative covers of a funk/soul track….clearly they weren’t thinking.

Anyway, here is a mix I’m proud of. Enjoy!

Golden Years (Cygnet Extended Mix)

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